Friday, June 08, 2007

Micro offshoring

Got this link from Bangalore Tigers, and its a great idea to all those IT guys who would like to work from home and for die hard coders too.

Craiglist, Rentacoder and now, oDesk. Neat.


Anonymous said...

with serious projects rentacoder staff is INCREDIBLE STUPID and they are proficient to blame someone else
perfect examples at said...

The insulter “kamen123” has been banned from RentACoder

“kamen123” spoil perfect site in revenge.

My name: Sergey I.Grachyov
Nickname: TakeReal
I am famous freelancer.
I have:

894 projects completed via RentACoder
109 projects completed via GetAFreelancer
34 projects completed via Scriptlance

kamen said...

Sergey please go to bark at rentacoder
Here everyone see that I'm right
:-) said...

Kamen, you are not right, but BANNED.
You haven't any completed projects at all, but proficient in insulting only.