Monday, June 04, 2007

Small wonders...

How small is a small shop? Here are two examples, though these are not the "smallest" businesses/shops.
The first one is a small shop in a gully in one of Bangalores old time markets.
The second is a small pan shop, a standard one found in many parts of India.
In the space of these shops, you can find a hundred things and there is enough space for this shopkeeper to sell his wares. Some of these small wonders have a small TV too. And you would be amazed at the amount of stock that these chaps have and they use space ingenuously too. There are many variations of this configuration, but all of them basically thrive on the smallness of their space and variety of what they stock - though mostly in a single product.

This is contrary to the mall culture of more space. There is not too much room to browse on your own - you describe or point what you want and the shopkeeper takes it out for you. All that is his space. This one thrives on less space, maximizing margins by spending less on display, space and perhaps even time. No time to browse, give me "this", I am done...

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Kavi said...

Each to his own ! I guess there is a need and place for all types of people and all types of needs ! My mom is just not comfortable with the malls. She says she gets 'mauled' !!