Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vishal Megamart

Had a visit to Vishal megamart recently. It is surely not upmarket, indeed, it is quietly downmarket. There are no branded clothes, not as far I saw it, mostly unbranded stuff the kind you find in local markets in Bombay and Delhi. The rates are low, and the designs and quality mirror that. The groceries are cheaper and here they stock some good brands, indeed all good brands.

Overall, the ambience is that of your local market in an airconditioned environment. The store makes no pretensions of its downmarket tilt. Going by the crowd and the shopping that was happening, it seems to have hit a sweet spot in Indian retail which is about breaking a mindset.The mindset being that you walk into an airconditioned outlet and everything is more expensive, Vishal, coolly, breaks that.

If you see where their outlets are located, including a lot of second and third tier cities, they are in the right market. Competition for Big Bazaar? We will know.

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