Saturday, June 23, 2007

Watch TCS

This blogger has for long believed that TCS is the leader in Indian IT, albeit a low key one as compared to its more newsy peers. Watch its last few steps. It recently bought out its partner in Brazil. Do any of the other Indian IT companies have a foothold here?

Even as I was composing this post, heres a post on Bangalore Tigers.

TCS isn't just the largest Indian outsourcing firm: When it comes to branching out to globalize its workforce and do collaborative research with overseas universities, it's the most aggressive. This helps explain why the company ranks highest among the Indian tech services outfits on BusinessWeek's annual InfoTech 100 ranking, which was published online on June 21.

Read the full post there, where he writes about its strategic initiative with University of Massachussets in addition to its other initiatives with many other universities. The other is a center established in Mexico.

TCS, I have long maintained is the frontrunner in the Indian IT horizon, even going back in the past. By the time Indian IT discovered Japan, TCS was already there. Ditto for Europe and Latin America and Australia. (I recall a conversation with a friend - yea Kishor- a few years ago when the business development chap from a Tier II company was frustrated that every prospective client he met had been met by TCS and they were disappointed that he was not TCS.) By the time the slowdown had hit, TCS had changed its hiring patterns and by the time they started re-hiring, the slowdown was fast becoming an upswing - their reading was better than the other IT majors.

The next few years will differentiate how many of Indias service providers remain service providers, grow, innovate or are outgunned by others. TCS, I believe, will be one of the long term leaders in the industry.


Anand said...

i saw a recent article on TCS which also has some quotes from some of their senior management. And here's what they say - if you talk about IT services and outsourcing in the world, the top two names are IBM and Accenture. There is a lot of confusion about who could be third - TCS, HP, EDS etc are all mentioned in the same breath. And TCS clearly states that they want to go for that third position worldwide, by any clear margin. Yes, they are quiet in the media most of the time, but those are still weighty words!

Neelakantan said...

I also read someplace that they are planning to touch 10bn in revenue by 2010 across all of Tatas IT arms - includng honewell, elxsi etc. That is the other piece. People often make the mistake of looking at TCS as a IT service firm alone - they have a lot more going for them including their erstwhile expertise in consulting.