Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whistle Away

Mumbai cops - my take - do their job far far better than counterparts in most other states. The sight of a cop will make every car driver - put his seat belts, reduce the speed (if the cop carries a speed gun) and of course never ever jump a signal.

The whistle he blows makes every driver turn back and check if he is not the one being caught/ pulled up for. The cops also regulate traffic, keep the vehicles moving by blowing these whistles. How they do it is a different point, a mix of bribes, fines and what nots - but it works.

Incidentally the same whistle that makes one drive faster as soon as the signal turns green and makes one alert are borrowed by Mumbai's very own BEST drivers and conductors. These buses do get stuck in traffic jams quite often and to get the cabs and the rickshaw's of Mumbai moving the driver/conductor keeps blowing their whistles every now and then - and in Mumbai, air horns are banned- not whistles, not yet. And it works. Talk of ingenuity.

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