Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yes, there is a jobs boom on

Yes, there is a jobs boom on, but India Inc is riddled with quite a few unprofessional setups. They will lose soon, hopefully, as more and more corporate and professional players come into the picture. The entry of the organized sector has time and again contributed to professionalism in any job sector.

IT was badly managed as it could get. Pigeon holes, desk sharing, dingy offices were the hottest thing around in bodyshopping, until it got a nice whack from IT organizations. IT itself has done more for workspaces and offices and work environment than the CPI ever did.

Accountants were a troubled lot in many of the single person firms. With the entry of the big five and then some, people found it difficult to retain good employees with their non existent policies. There are still pockets of discontent here, but thats where some of these smaller firms take up Inter CAs (not cleared final) and extract as much work as they can from them. Again, the long arm at the end of the globalization chain is coming up here too to "improve their lot."

Then there are the garment workers and many of their ilk.

Did I mention architects? Aha, like the accountant firms some of which still exist, many of those mom and pop shops are temples of unprofessionalism. Many of them never take employees (they are always on contract), never pay them by cheque (only cash), employee benefits are unheard of and create a slew of sister and brother organizations so that they stay conveniently under all legal radars. (How do I know it - just trust me on it - industry sources). Fortunately, help is at hand with the real estate boom. Some companies like Sobha, Jurong treat their employees very well.

Thats all that I know. Comments?


manoj said...

good accountants are soo rare, especially a CA intermediate with 4-5 expereince ... despite good salaries.


Anonymous said...

Very true - your comments about employee treatment, lack of benefits and services in general.

But the lack of capital investment in employees and facilities has short term macroeconomic benefits as well like stripped down operating costs which translate to lower costs for consumers.

Look at Walmart.

However, I agree with you. Things will change. As consolidation, globalization, resource crunch etc. begin to take hold.