Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The colour of money

Car sales buck interest rate hike, it says here in Business-Standard. Coincidentally, it all seems to be at the higher end, newer launches. Choose one of the following:
High end car buyers are,
a - immune to interest rate hikes
b - do not take loans to pay off their vehicles
c - pay in a magical way that somehow interest rates do not matter. (hint, hint)

On a related note, BS also says that real estate scrips have taken a beating thanks to the interest rate hike. Only partly true. Interest rate hikes only deter those who take loans for property. There are signs of oversupply in the real estate market too. Plus, the colour of money in this sector is more off white than any other sector and no washing power will do the trick better than real estate.

Now, Mutual Fund firms are crying hoarse that the PAN norm will hit them. They claim it is the implementation of the PAN that is tough - since they target low income groups. But the same article also says that the low income groups share in MFs is really miniscule. Now I am totally confused.

The same thread links all the three things. The colour of money and it aint white.


Anonymous said...

correctly said..!

Kavi said...

A rose in any other colour is still a rose ! But money in any other form is spelt CRIME.

When will we see this ?