Thursday, July 19, 2007

Design for emerging markets

Link, via Core77. Something, we in India are familiar with as an emerging market. In a nutshell, it is this...

Many manufacturers want to break into emerging markets in a major way to develop and sell their goods, but simply making minor adjustments to their existing products isn't the best route to long-term success.

Yup, we know that, dont we. Most of the times you gotta go local and talk to the people who you expect to eat, wear, listen or drive your products.

Ask those many brands that thought we would roll over and die for foreign brands. Start with MTV which came in with rehashed programming only to go local and how. (Of course, dont forget the pioneering effort by Quick Gun Murugan of Channel V).

Ask Nestle and it will tell you that Maggi Masala flavour is the biggest in their stable and ITC which will tell you that Masala Pasta is a hit. Or ask Lays which has a multitude of Indian flavours. Ask McDonalds which has a huge vegetarian menu here - do ask for McAloo Tiki and if you are in Mumbai, dont bother, just try Vada Pav. Try introducing real Chinese food in India and you will know once you taste the local footpath version, without market research, why it will flop.

No country wants a hand me down brand or product or depreciated dyes being used to produce for them. And yes, as the article, says, ask Nokia and their 1100 - the phone with a torch that is one of their highest selling models in India.

Waiting when Xerox can launch a 'emerging' market photocopier after observing copiers at work at Xerox gully.

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