Thursday, July 05, 2007

Green revolution

Just a few days back, I managed a visit to Reliance Fresh and found that the prices there were comparable and sometimes lower than the "market" prices. Businessworld, this week, also carries a piece on "Green Evolution" - a must read.

As I have mentioned before, organized retail will bring more prosperity to the farmers and better deals the consumers. Meanwhile in Kerala, they are trying their best to prevent progress - how - they have called for a strike.

And did you know, contract farming is not, entirely, er, um, legal in this country, yet.

The Centre has asked all state governments to modify their legislations on lines of the Model APMC Act so that farmers can be benefited, and the marketing practises could be reformed and fine-tuned to the level of international standards, FICCI pointed out.

If farmers can be benefited, why havent states done so? Most of the states, however, have not introduced the required amendments and even the states who have amended the Act have not notified it, the survey said... The FICCI survey recommends that purchasers should be allowed to procure directly from growers and set up private market yards. On this issue, Maharashtra has initiated amendment, which can be followed by other states.

Embezzling, fraud, siphoning money from cooperative banks have near legal status, contract farming, on the other hand, can get you into jail.

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