Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tatas one lakh car

And some stupid concerns to address. Am surprised that the usually optimistic Businessworld is looking at some of them. Ravi Kant in his interview in the same magazine has all the right answers though...

Here are my thoughts...

#1 The car will pollute. It is not as if we are living in some pollution free utopia and our other cars, notably the diesel powered luxury segment are photosynthesising. And then we have a zillion rickshaws, two strokers that too, polluting like there is no tomorrow. So, where are those questions today? True, some 3% of the rickshaws run on CNG, the remaining? So, lets not single out this one. And then again, with its size and light weight, it could be the first candidate for a unique type of engine. We dont know.

#2 The car will congest. Who is to say that a Tata small car will congest the roads and not those SUVs which are as big as an average Mumbai home do not? And guess who is saying it?

#3 We dont have roads. So, get rid of all the cars - why single out Tata? By that logic, we do not have airports. We barely have electricity. Thats a long list that can go on and on.

#4 The low cost is because of subsidies. Hmmm. Who pays for the diesel that you have in those Skodas and Mercs? And then to various cooperative banks that have made embezzlement their forte? Talk of taking off incentives? Lets get rid of them for all.

#5 What about public transport? Ask the government which has allowed those 3 wheeled 10 seater contraptions to ruin the cities (Pune stands out).

#6 Competition. Many others will build similar cars, if Tata is successful. Thats not an easy thing to do. If it were, we would have had similar cars here ages ago. Even as of now, not too many are taking up the challenge.

I think that the car has the potential to transform Indian roads and transport. Previously, here and here.

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Harish B said...

It is good that u wrote abt the business world coverstory. It is really stupid for such a magazine to write an epitaph about a product that is yet to be launched.I have a hunch that they may have done this cause of pressure from maruti. Only word i can use about that BW article is STUPID