Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tech 2

What started off as a post on tech jobs, got converted, somewhere in the middle into something else, which I will post later, but I was able to gather my thoughts together again.

Lately, if you are someone who is following Indias IT industry closely, a change has been happening. You will feel good if you, like me, are one of those who believes in this industry and its ability to make a change. If you are unlike me, rubbing your hands in glee everytime there is a predicted slowdown or yet another report says why Vanuatu will leap ahead of India in the IT, then this piece might come as somewhat of a dampener.

When this industry started off and I mean the IT industry, Infosys, Wipro and TCS were rarefied places to work in. They swaggered across the IIT campuses, got the best students. Today this seems unlikely, but in the early 90s, this was the case. Today the Infosys and Wipros do not get too many IIT students - except in some of their high end departments. Was it only because of the snob value that IIT students got into Infy. I think not. The challenge there was that it was an emerging business model and many of them who are there even today will tell you how much of a challenge it was. As the companies grew and recruited more and more, they lost their charm to the high end students, mostly because the job in itself did not hold a challenge and by then the model had been fine tuned into a production machine.

Today, look at the recruiting list in the IITs and the NITs. You will not see a hundred or a thousand, but a handful of them make it to the Googles, Microsofts, Yahoos and some of the other high end tech and product companies. They get in as coders and programmers who at some point will create new products, architecture. These companies pay them well, very well, but before you get those social benefit calculators remember that that only if they make the cut post multiple rounds of rigorous interviews and discussions will that happen. (Much like it was getting into Infy in those days - good pay after a few gruelling interviews- it is still not easy, but on a relative scale, easier.). Is it only snob value at play here? No, these companies work on the cutting edge of technology. Each day they push the net a little more, with that new product, new tweak and then some. These guys are busy redefining the world you and I live in - I obviously exaggerate, but it does have that potential.

The point that I am trying to make is that the Indian IT industry, even as we speak, is undergoing a transformation. A few years back, it was common lament - with some degree of truth to it to hear that the Indian IT industry does not have space for techies. Indian IT was known to convert the best techie into the worst manager. But with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo coming here, the tide is changing, slowly. You want to code for the rest of your life, go ahead. From here, will spring the seeds of some more new IT product enterprises, much like Infy and Wipro resulted in the creation of many small IT service companies. Indian IT will be known for its tech prowess, more than ever, over the coming few years.

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Sudeep Goyal said...

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Yes. Indian IT scene is changing and I expect a lot of world class IT product companies coming from india in next few years. The company of companies like google, yahoo in india and IIT campuses has clearly led the path for a brighter and competitive india.