Friday, July 13, 2007

What is real tea?

No pun intended. In realty reality, in an age of vending machines, real tea is difficult to get. In the olden days, companies employed canteen staffers to prepare tea (among other things). Not anymore.

As IT campuses evolved, vending machines took over the function of serving tea and coffee. Tea, Latte, Cappuccino all available at the press of a button. But tea bag teas have a limited appeal - after all it is not real tea.

Real tea has to be brewed. A sweetened milk, tea leaf combination is boiled for a longish time, and filtered and poured into cups as milky sweet tea. Thats real tea, not the machine made vending machine stuff.


Anand said...

Real tea is brewed alright, but what you're talking about is tea-payasam!

Real tea happens when real tea leaves (not dust) are dropped into a pot of hot water just off a kettle, the lid is then closed, and the flavour is let to infuse. Milk and sugar are added to the tea in a cup, if needed (and not the other way around)!

But I should concede that the tea-bag abominations and the tea-payasam blasphemy are things I sometimes resort to for want of a kettle and a tea pot, and proper tea leaves.

Kavi said...

Real Tea and realty are such rarities these days !!! Maybe Kerela saw the connection in Munnar !

Rupesh Mandal said...

Attention please!
Bangalore bloggers meet on 21 july

Neelakantan said...

Yes, Anand, perfect. The Connoisseur will die if he comes anywhere near this tea payasam! But this payasam is "real tea" on the streets! Darjeeling tea perhaps sells the least in India - what an irony!
Yup Kavi, Kerala wakes up the reality of real(tea)y in Munnar...