Friday, August 10, 2007

Backpack Bangalore

Just saw an ad for Jansport on a BMTC Volvo. The backpack is a peculiar symbol of office life in Bangalore. When I first came here, a few years back, from Mumbai, I carried with me, an office bag - a soft bag, more like the briefcase of yore, except that it was contemporary. You could sling it on your shoulder or carry it like a regular briefcase. But, very soon, I realised that I was among the few chaps who carried a bag like that into the office. The rest of them all carried backpacks. That looked odd to me. Men and women, young and old, formally dressed lugging backpacks? And I thought that backpacks were for collegians; here I saw oldies and youth alike, with snazzy backpacks.

Back then laptops were not so commonplace, so there was hardly anybody who carried a bag like mine. Even this was a brief comeback - now the laptop backpack holds sway. And with the laptops and notebooks getting ever smaller, it looks like it will rule.

Go to any other Indian city and the backpack is not a common sight in the business district. In Bangalore where IT rules the CBD is an exception. Bombay is a place where you would get to see few bags if any - and surely no backpacks - considering the dense commute and how a backpack is really a pickpocketers dream come true. In the financial district, a backpack is a no no. Chennai, Hyderabad have no "one" business district to speak of, but the backpack rules in the parts of India with an IT culture. At other places, backpacks are strictly for collegians.

This is another piece of culture that we have imported in Bangalore along with the IT work - where geeks carry backpacks and not office bags. While on backpacks, check out Jansport and apna very own Wildcraft.


Kavi said...

I wish i read this before i invested in the Samsonite..!

Mustafa said...

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