Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Please press 9

Call up any customer service line and they run you through a maze of options of language, billing etc etc etc. There is about 20 minutes of monotone buzzing in your ears about a thousand products that you dont want to buy. Interspersed are options that enable you to enter a 16 digit code and another secret code and check your balance or whatever.

Then they say, "At any time during this call, press 9 to speak to a customer representative". Isn't that why customers call service in the first place? Why not put this right at the outset? If you have a problemwith our service, press 9 or 3 or #, up front?

Waiting to speak to a customer representative is probably the worst of the "moments of truth" when you hear ads extolling the very product you have had a less than satisfactory experience, piped music and wait for the representative to appear.

Companies, please can you "cut the crap" like advertisements, self promotions and get to the representative within 3 rings?? I am pretty sure that an analysis of calls would show that very few if any, use any other menu option except speaking to the executive directly and believe me, it is more effective in creating a better customer experience.


Abhay said...

I believe that it is a trick to dissuade customer from blocking customer care "executives". The long process of searching for 9 will have most people give up unless they really need the help.

Airtel had 9 directly in the first menu but later moved it inside as in some sub-sub-menu

Kavi said...

Yes, Yes. Yes. Cut the crap folks. Just get me the operator !!!!

Neelakantan said...

This would have been the result of some analysis which said that 30% of your users come for credit card queries, if you give them an option upfront, they will use it and you can reduce your staff by 30% - fantastic no?