Friday, August 03, 2007

Ticket insurance

...used to be a feature in some parts of Mumbai, not as common as this columnist (via Marginal Revolution) would like to have us believe. It is like the old "land of snakes and tigers" - most of them are extinct, for good or for bad. In the Mumbai local trains, ticket checking is quite frequent - especially at the stations. In fact, there is a whole battalion of women ticket checkers to check in "ladies" compartments. Indeed, I have not come across a single "ticket insurance" guy ever, though I have heard that there used to a couple at Thane.

And in response, the railways upped the ante with their ticket checkers, doubling and tripling fines, as regular travellers will attest. But in any case, it is a smart market, as it is with the used bus pass market in Bangalore.

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