Thursday, August 16, 2007

The true picture

The prime minister (or President or chief minister or equivalent) is visiting a road/locality/area. Suddenly the cleaners are out in full swing, laying roads, marking lanes, planting trees and the administration works overtime to ensure that everything looks good and spruced up. As soon as he is gone, it is all back to Chalta hai.

Cut to the organisation. "The boss is visiting the factory today." or "There is an audit." Suddenly everything is spruced up, machines are oiled, safety signs are put up, books are reconciled and everything looks hunky dory. Caterers serve good food for a day, air conditioners work and there are smiles all over.

Once the boss is gone, things slowly (usually, rapid speed) get back to square one (zero). Isn't this deluding the boss? And doesn't the boss know it; after all he came through the ranks did he not? Those who do, take up surprise visits. Those who dont, go back with a rosy picture in their mind and wonder why there is dissatisfaction all around.

How many of us can present the true picture to our bosses? If you are a boss, pay a surprise visit to get the true picture. You will be surprised either way.


Anand said...

i think part of being a good boss is to do these kind of checks. Lou Gerstner says in "Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?" that people do what you inspect, not what you expect. this kind of rigor in getting to the true picture is part of good execution, for a boss.

Konfuzion said...

that was the main reason why Mr.ChandraBabu naidu was dethronded.
He had this habbit of surprise visits to all schools and offices and these(teachers & Govt servents) went against and influenced the voters(mainly uneducated) during the voting period.

manoj said...

this is how all the companies are iso compliant ..........come the ISO audit, correc tthe records become

Neelakantan said...

Anand, that was a nice point. Manoj, agree, though my view is that if anything has to be enforced by an audit, perhaps it is not worth enforcing or there is a problem in the execution.