Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ayush Model

Recently been to Ayush - the brand and chain managed by Hindustan Unilever (HUL) (of course a franchisee form). Its an interesting venture between Arya Vaidaya Pharmacy (AVP) and HUL. While HUL lends its marketing muscle AVP lends - what I believe more important - the ayurveda muscle (and perhaps the authenticity tag).

There is space for something like Ayush as the corporatization of therapy and beauty centers as shown by both Lakme and Marico-Kaya. Ayush could be a success if more centres of opened and there was consistent quality. The therpaists coming out of AVP have something which probably no other therapists can replicate.

But what I am not quite sure is why would AVP need HUL. Ayurveda knowledge is something you cannot gain easily - yes you can keep hiring all the best people - but to achieve what AVP or Arya Vidya Shala of Kottakkal has achieved is something niche and probably not replicable nor would HUL want to do the same.

AVP can on relative terms gain marketing knowledge especially with its huge brand recall down south should it of course care to spend a more dough for marketing.

AVP can always do without HUL and Ayush not quite sure if it will ever work the other way.

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