Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cyber city sinks

This has not been such big news anywhere, but Bangalore over the last few days has sunk, literally. The city received about 200 mm of rain (Mumbai received some 900 mm during the super downpour) over these three odd days and guess what.

Traffic stopped, Lakes (already shrunk due to encroachment) burst (meaning, they came onto the parts that were originally lakes), roads flooded (due to non existent drains), houses collapsed, electricity supply stopped and then some. Read here. (will try to get a better link, but parts of this article are hilarious - especially the section where it says people got out of vehicles and started moving in coracles).

What Silicon valley - all the valleys of Bangalore are encroached with houses, concrete buildings over drains, so the water cannot go anywhere.

Unrelated, but a rant nonetheless: Swalpa Adjust maadi, while some sons of the soil wreak havoc on the state. Sometimes I wonder if there is any difference between Karnataka and Bihar.


Preetha Nair said...
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raj said...

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