Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free home delivery a standard feature of almost Kirana store. The bigger guys also do it, if you purchase a minimum amount worth of goods.

Now, I read this piece on how US retailers are letting consumers shop online and pick up goods at the store.

I see this as a model in India (partially in place and partly as an opportunity) with the added twist of free delivery. If these small stores (indeed it could work better for the large ones - Reliance, please note) offered web gateways for you to order and they could deliver it to your doorstep when you are back from work. As it is, they do free home delivery, this could make that service much more useful...

Right now, they use phones and they use it very well. Especially mobile phones. Many vegetable vendors (see picture, slightly grainy) will deliver at your home, as will kirana shops - just order over phone.

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