Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Make hay

while IT shines. There are numerous businesses which are flourishing in India thanks to IT doing well (will write about it sometime). Heres one more: A third finishing school has opened in Bangalore to prep students who want to make it to IT. Third? I did not know that there were two others. Some excerpts:

The school is aimed at keeping candidates industry-ready. In India, only 25 percent of management graduates secure jobs. Many are unsuccessful as they are not industry-ready... A lot of oratory skills are required to get through the interviews and the finishing school will aim at bridging that gap... Also one has to take into account that there are 4,00,000 engineers graduating every year, out of which only one in every four is employable in the IT sector. The IT finishing schools will solve this problem and ensure that at least three out of the four graduates each year is employable. Firstly, cracking an interview is not all about "oratory skills"; otherwise harikatha exponents would have entered companies and perhaps Johnny Lever too. Technical skills, well, if you did not study while you were enrolled for 4 years in college, fat chance you will become a programming wizard (even kindergarten level) after you attend a finishing school.

Man, when will we stop? First there are classes that help you make the cut in various exams - to get into an MBA for instance. Now, this "class" will help you make the cut to various jobs.

What next? A coaching class for jobs? Only 1 in 50 people get promoted each year, I see a gap there...

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ankurg said...

There were books to study for entrance exams, then came the coaching centers.

There are books for - getting recognized at work for promotions, how to high perform at work, how to achieve promotions etc. So coaching centers for that too would not be something out of the blue. In fact HR consultants already do that when people job hop for promotions.