Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Navi Mumbai notes

If you get to live and work in Navi Mumbai, you can have a quality of life better than in most Indian cities. Shocking? Tough to believe? But this is my experience over the last few days (and seeing how the city has evolved since the time we shifted to the new suburb from the city more than 10 years back).

When we shifted here, this city was just about shaking off its ghost city tab. CBD Belapur, with CBD standing for Central Business District was more Completely Blank and Deserted. Today it has a five star hotel and quite a few businesses - it is not really CBD, but it does have its share.

Then, the train crawled to reach Navi Mumbai, bus services were non existent. Our own apartment complex was in the middle of nowhere and there were times when we had to carry the gas cylinder to our house since nobody was very happy to deliver it. The only things worth writing home about were educational institutions. Land was cheap and these institutions wanted it in plenty - most of them were blessed by politicians of various hues (Ramrao Adik, DY Patil and so on). The educational institutions and of course, Reliance were the only things here, unless you counted Patni.

Today, it is a nice ecosystem. The wholesale market has shifted here and with it, some parts of the trading community - after a longish resistance. The local bus service is decent, far better than Bangalore, if you ask me. Roads are wide, which is what happens when you build an entire city on marshland, the land is (was) available for free, when CIDCO started off. Railway stations with their attached complexes, they are an old story, are good and nearly completely occupied. The city had plans for a railway line of its own, in cold storage now, though budgets could justify it soon. Reliance, of course, is a very happy patron of this city. Travel to the main city is still not easy as it can be - perhaps introducing Volvo buses would be a great idea BEST. The auto rickshaw guys are not yet as professional as in the old city; the toll to enter the city and levied on the railway tickets is a pain, but the city is still a nice place to live in - minus the big city congestion. Yet, there are two views, as my co-blogger would say...

I hope to post more about the rise of Navi Mumbai soon...


doubtinggaurav said...

Hi Neel,

Yes I do think connectivity is the biggest issue for development of Navi Mumbai.

But yes things are better compared to crash in the real estate during 90's (which followed the irrational exuberance of being CDB)

How is the new line to Thane (via Khapoli-Turbhe I guess) shaping up ?

By the way there was some talk of Sewri-Nhava Shiva bypass, still in limbo I guess.

Anonymous said...

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aaccording said...

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