Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On Corruption

India might have moved up in the corruption index (I mean, improved), but on the ground does it mean anything? Take the case of IT city Bangalore. The so called most wired city with the largest software exports is still as corrupt as it can get at the basic level. Here is my experience over the last few years.

Lets start with the RTO. A board there says, "Please do not approach touts". And the office is upto it. You do not have to approach a tout at all to get your work done. They will approach you first. If you speak Kannada there is some chance that you will get your work done without touts but otherwise, you can say goodbye to anything that needs to be done - and surely not in a single visit. About 12 visits can get you to the right officer and thats your starting point for the 13th visit.

Or the Registrars office. Look at the gold inside and you will be too bedazzled to say anything else. Even gold idols will pale with the jewellery you will see inside the office. If they are not corrupt, then they have to be alchemists converting red tape to gold. They refuse to acknowledge your existence and if you manage to coerce them, Gavaskars scoring rate will look like Jayasuriyas, until of course, money changes hands. From then on, you are god to them. Sir is used as a punctuation, chairs appear out of the woorwork, cameras begin to work magically. Work happens so fast, Yuvrajs half century will pale in comparison.

Or the electricity office. If you call up the office they will tell you the name of the person you can contact in order to get your electricity meter transferred. And that person has a smart way of operating - he even has a rate card. You want to come directly, sure. Only dont expect anything anytime soon.

BTW, in no place is money asked directly and in all probability if you give it directly, it will not be accepted. But the place is designed in such a way that things dont move at all without the services of an "agent".


Namaskar said...

A two tier representation can reduce corruption

Rohit said...

There goes my idea of stating a finishing schooL! :)

Keep posting dude