Monday, September 24, 2007

Retail kiosks

Read this piece on the Future groups plan. They have come up with the idea of a retail kiosk - which is being used now.

This is the new out-of-store format that Kishore Biyani's Future Group has come up with. The kiosk, which houses a computer terminal, offers access to information about 10,000 products for the consumer to choose from. He can place the order, pay by credit card or cash, and his purchases are shipped to his residence in maximum of 10 days. Simple, isn't it?

Simple yes, smart too, but selling this will be a toughie is my opinion. And, the railways/Air Deccan have been doing it by having places other than regular airports and railway stations to book tickets (think about it, it is very similar).

I am sure they will come out with smart ideas around it as it evolves and this is a smart way to kick start low overhead online shopping (which today in India is mostly about air and rail tickets) in a broadband/computers starved nation. If it is too popular, then, customers wont like to stand in line in front of a kiosk waiting for their turn for something that will be delivered 10 odd days later. Also, online shopping is not something we take to very well - since the level of trust with the merchandiser and transport and delivery mechanism (breakage, pilferage) is not very high - books are fine, but not electronics and clothes.

And then it will be easier to link it onto ATMs and banks will be only too happy to play ball - but they have to do something about the queues. Should be fun.

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Josh said...

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