Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The thin line

There is a thin line between a great marketing idea and carrying it too far.

Here is an example. SaReGaMa had launched(not very new) series of unremixed songs of some of the great Hindi film music artists. That they have turned their old songs chest into the most profitable business is a different story altogether. Like bhelpuri and its variations, they keep stuffing different combinations using the same ingredients and each time, it is a hit.

So, this particular one was sponsored by Strepsils - so much so that the CD in question is called Strepsils - Pure voices or some such. It has the Strepsils on the cover and in various other places. Fair enough. Till this point it is a great idea. The connect between Strepsils and pure voices is unmistakable. Now just before and after the CD, they have a plug for Strepsils (Congrats Mr. Dealmaker). Yuck. You cant even get it to forward tracks, they have not left a gap between the first song and this ad. It is now as kitschy as listening to Vividh Bharti with all those ads.

Thats it. No more stupid Strepsils remix or any other co-branded songs from SaReGaMa ever.

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