Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BPO health

A little late in the day I think, but over the past few days, I have been waking up late. So, heres the Nasscom snub for the health minister - who, wanted to bring about a legislation for the betterment of the BPO employees.

Oh, btw, the snub was for this sentence, Ramadoss had earlier generalised people working in the BPO sector as those who "want to make a fast buck", "party the rest of the time" after working "half the day" and indulge in "excessive smoking and drinking" -- comments that "deeply distressed" Nasscom.

Man, if BPO and call center and IT chaps get India a cool 36 billion dollars in revenue by making a fast buck, party the rest of the time, drinking and smoking excessively and work half a day, where would we be if they were saints and worked the entire day?

Note in the above linked piece there is a mention of skin problems. So, how about HRA, LRA and a new Skin Treatment Allowance? or we could call it the Boroline allowance? Or how about a rebate on companies that run BPOs without air condition?

So, where do we stop?

If you drive in Bangalore, you are in danger of being unhealthy because it is so polluted. If you dont drive, it is even worse. How about a legislation for traffic cops, rickshaw drivers and even drivers of airconditioned cars? And I have not yet spoken about water, adulterated food, pizza and deep fried chips.

The mail group that I was part of had a "healthy" exchange on this - so there need not be a policy on members of googlegroups and their health - thanks to unhealthy debates.

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