Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The future of work?

Check out this piece from PSFK on the Otetsudai (via) network in Japan. The premise is simple. Mini cv's of members are circulated, as are jobs - on your cellphone and you pick and choose what you want to do that day or what you want to do next.

Once signed up to the service with a mini-cv illustrating skills and focus, they can take a daily GPS reading on their phone and just hang out waiting for offers. Businesses looking for immediate staffing or individuals lookingpicture-13.png for specific help can send a request to Otetsudai Networks and receive a list of available potential employees within the area alongside their qualifications and ratings from previous employers within minutes. Business themselves are rated on a per-manager basis for the potential workers to see how their peers have rated working for them, and the network even offers the chance for bargaining the pay-cheque!

Question: Isn't this a viable BoP idea? How about a low cost network for workers - manual skilled labourers - even plumbers, carpenters, drivers and others who are dependent on a job each day?

...this idea could have the potential to fill a very important gap not just for Japan but in the global workforce. Imagine if wherever you went you could offer your skills through the network for daily employment and eradicate the need for the current work structure?

This is an amazing idea with a lot of potential. Babajob is making a small beginning here...

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