Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lets protest retail

This time it is "Quit Retail". Read the report in BS. And laugh. Or cry. Read through it and you will find the usual suspects - the motley crowd consisting of hired protesters, communists and people with nothing better to do. I am surprised that the report made to the front page of the BS website.

There is one group missing - thats the customers and perhaps real farmers. But, the customers are voting with their feet (footfalls) into these stores.

Can you hear Mayawati thunder during the campaign for the national election, "I created thousands of jobs for vegetable hawkers by preventing Reliance Fresh from opening its stores in UP. I kept the monopoly of the traders on the markets and their strangehold over the farmers going. I ensured that these traders and their business stays out of the tax trap. I also ensured that making pushcarts and owning and renting them to poor vegetable sellers is big business. I ensured that customers will get a raw (pun intended) deal each them they venture out to shop. Now, vote for me so that I do the same for the rest of the country."

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