Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Make it available first

Got this from Content Sutras excellent post with a snippet of Fortune global forum, day 1. I particularly liked this one:

Rajjat Barjatya, MD of Rajshri Media: Every Indian film goes up on P2P networks the day it is released. There’s piracy at grocery stores in the US. We offered full movies for download online and got over 6500 downloads of Vivah at around $10 per movie, around 600 in Finland. We hit triple digit downloads for a Marathi film we released online recently. The way to tackle piracy is - first make is available legally to customers, and THEN go after the pirates. For a lot of new releases, 20 percent is from theatres and 80 percent from other revenue streams, so there’s an opportunity there.

This logic runs counter to what Bollywood does now - delay the DVD release and encourages the pirates. What he says here is perfect. I like so many songs but I cannot buy just one of them for a low price. Make it available legally - chances are many will buy. Once it is available, go after the pirates.

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