Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Making markets work for CSR

is the title of the speech by the ITC chairman, YC Deveshwars. The entire speech is worth a read, but heres an excerpt.

"pioneering e-choupal initiative today comprises 6400 choupals transforming the lives of over 3.5 million farmers in 38,500 villages in 9 states of India. We hope to reach out to 10 million farmers in 100,000 villages in the not too distant future."

In another section of its speech, ITC mentions how it is collaborating with the government of Rajasthan for an integrated watershed programme covering 5000 hectares, apart from social and farm forestry over 65,000 hectares of land and other watershed programmes.

Why put more money into NREG? ITC will do a better job, given its track record. The government, on the other hand, given its track record will pour it down a giant sink. I can hear the sound of money being poured down the drain - my money.

Also, at a recent event, I saw a poster by Reliance titled, "What is good for India is good for Reliance." I wish the government and ruling parties had this as their slogan, atleast slogan.

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