Monday, October 29, 2007

Menswear and womenswear

Me and wife got into a discussion on why meanswear overall, is better value for money while womenswear overall is plagued by ovepriced and bad quality stuff.

Here are my thoughts. The big reason I think this is perceived is because mens wear is more narrowly defined (in terms of variety and style). If you work at an office, you have a wear a shirt and a trouser. Finito. Come Friday and you will wear a jeans and some t- shirt (but thats 20%). Whatever you mix and match, thats all you can do. Women, well, start from salwar (and cuts and styles and mix and match) and end at formal wear - western or saree.

How many mens trouser colours can you find? Look around in your office and you will know. Shirts are basically blue. (Also, men dont mind seeing others wearing a similar design - it does not throw their shirts into the "use for wiping kitchen floor" category if they see someone who has a similar design.)

The same thing applies for womens formals - which is something that the manufacturers have caught on to and which is why this a great market to be in (formals for both genders). But then again women are finicky about styles, cuts etc., so marketing to them aint easy - so all the best for that.

The moment you look at non formal options, it is quite difficult to get good clothing for men as well as women. My experience with regular mens wear has been great - some of the shirts look new for a long long time - whereas a kurta is battered after a few washes (and this has nothing to do with the wash itself).

So, thats my reasoning. What say?

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