Friday, October 26, 2007

The new virus

Wired has a piece on a new type of computer virus, the 'storm' superworm. Some of its characteristics:

# ... A worm that attacks all the time is much easier to detect; a worm that attacks and then shuts off for a while hides much more easily.
# Storm is designed like an ant colony, with separation of duties. Only a small fraction of infected hosts spread the worm. A much smaller fraction are C2: command-and-control servers. The rest stand by to receive orders...

# Rather than having all hosts communicate to a central server or set of servers, Storm uses a peer-to-peer network for C2...... Storm doesn't have a centralized control point, and thus can't be shut down that way.
#Storm's delivery mechanism also changes regularly.

Doesn't this sound like the way a terror network operates?

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