Friday, October 19, 2007

Now, gender gap in B-schools

There is a report in ET on the gender gap in B-schools.

Heres an excerpt.

"I suspect the Common Admission Test for the IIMs is heavily biased towards engineers; mathematics constitutes a large portion of the test. Since the number of women opting for engineering is very low, the number of women who get into B-schools is also low," says Kidwai, the first Indian woman to pass out of Harvard Business School. Kidwai feels that B-schools should consider having a more diverse selection procedure. "After all, we don't want a company full of people who look the same," she adds.

That means, there, really, is a gender gap in Engineering (and by induction according to what is said above, non engineers cannot handle logic - the CAT is all about logic and speed, not third degree integration or calculus, right). And what do you do if the number of women who apply is lower? You scream, gender bias.

It's not just the number of women studying in management institutions that is low. The number of women applying to B-schools is also a lot less than the number of male applicants. "While 24% of the applicants this year were women, 32% of all students selected for the course were female," says Merchant.

I got it, the application forms are biased too...

On a more serious note, I think, overall most post graduate courses would have lower number of women, especially in non urban areas. This has nothing to do with the admission procedure and the answer has more to do with society than anything else.


Sushil said...

Good point raised. The reason is not the admission procedure, it is a much larger mentality (of protecting girl) rooted in the minds of the families, which sure is dying down but slowly.

BTW I congratulate you for the good blog topics. I am a regular visitor here.

bhuvan gupta said...

nice point. they always scream about bias, first they must ensure about the other relevant facts too.