Friday, October 12, 2007

Random observations

On Copycats: If you want to see how to impersonate the great Harsha Bhogle ....check out the presenter in Neo sports.....almost a carbon he a mimic or what but then there can be only one "Amitabh Bachchan". Come on dude get your own style!! Copycats get only so far...

On Foreign money: On my return from an International destination, recently heard the announcement in the aircraft, "passengers carrying more than 5000$ please mention the same in your immigration form"...guess such regulations take a long time to change. Net FII Inflows has been around 4.7bn$ in India in one month alone!! Imagine the forms they filled or imagine the money that came (and comes) without any forms.

On the markets: Stock markets bull run just continues and sellers look silly (until the next fall)...Latest heard some grandmom's sitting in Delhi are trading in futures and options (the most riskiest in investing) and making money. If you are scared of heights it is the wrong place to be. To think the Sensex was 8000 not very long ago. Today it is touching 20, 000.

Latest in India Retail - Parking charges have been halved in some of the malls in Navi-Mumbai - near the Vashi railway station. With almost 5-6 malls coming up in a radius of 2kms the entry barrier of parking costs are now disappearing. Footfalls, carfalls. You might capture the cars come in and what better way to do it than lowering parking costs.

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