Thursday, October 25, 2007

Think different

Future group plans to hire women working part-time, reports Hindu Businessline. So what, you may ask?

The IT industry and the retail industry are the new face of India - UP, Kerala and Bengal notwithstanding. Both these are dependent on the labour pool supply apart from other parameters. For both these industries, women, as a group, are an important part of the labour force and they are largely untapped. For many women, especially the kind who have moved into a housewife role after working for a while thanks to the commute and long work hours, working part time is an option they would love to have. If companies step in to provide these kind of options, they are tapping into a labour force that will be with them for a long time and help them reap benefits. This is a radical idea, one that has a lot of potential in it. IT companies are doing it and many offer work from home facilities (not just for women). BPO and call centers had potential to do it - temping and part time jobs and I am not sure they are doing it as well as they can. Retail can do it simply because of location and working hours and it looks like they have caught onto it.

Imagine someone lives near a Pantaloons outlet and they get to work there. Imagine you get to work when your kid is off at school for a few hours - without the drudgery of the morning commute and the evening late hours.

I think its a nice idea - though - a mindset (I am working in a store) has to be broken at both sides - at the hirers side and the employees side.

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