Monday, October 29, 2007

Working from home

Here is IBMs experience on the same, from the Hindu Businessline.

IBM’s flexi work option for employees has bust three myths at one go: first, that one needs to work long and regular hours to be considered a ‘performer’; that flexi working shows ‘lesser commitment’ and could therefore jeopardise one’s career growth; thirdly, and perhaps the most interesting, that more women prefer to work from home than men.

What better way to beat traffic jams than to work from home. It really is a win win situation if handled correctly. For the employee, the commute frees up a couple of hours - and of course, you get to work without having to wear a tie. For the employer, it is a great idea because it helps retain people, reduce costs on infrastructure and quite a few other benefits. If utilized fully, this will help India retain its competitive edge in IT for a long time to come.

I also think that virtual work is the future of work for many jobs. I mean, accountants, auditors, designers can all collaborate virtually - of course thats assuming that broadband is available. Sure there are constraints, but I think it will start to happen slowly.

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