Monday, November 19, 2007


With the nataka in Karnataka coming to an end, it is perhaps an appropriate time to take a look at some acronyms.

Cong (I) - Cling onto Nehru Gandhi (Indira)
Congress - Cling onto Nehru, Gandhi, Rahul else Selective Secularism

BJP - Basically Jostling (for) Power

CPI(M) - Chinese Parasites in India (Mostly)

JD (S) - Joint Development (Sites)
JD(S) - Just Daddy (Sons)

Couldn't think of one for BSP...any thoughts?

Update: Thanks to the comments below, here are some more:

NCP: Next Comes Pawar (SRK)
DMK: Devotees of M Karunanidhi (SRK)
RJD: Rabri Jaayegi Delhi
AIADMK: Amma Is Antidote (for) devotees of M Karunanidhi (inspired by SRK)
BSP: Behenjiki Sewakakonki Party (Deepak)

I also liked Clueless Puppets of China (Morons) (via)


Saum said...

Here's a suggestion for BSP: Buying Selling Politicians

Anonymous said...

"With the nataka in Karnataka coming to an end".

Said too soon :)

Sanjuro said...

CPI(M) - Chinese Puppets in India (Morons)
I like this one better. :)

Deepak Krishnan said...

i have a suggestion for BSP

Behenjiki Sewakonki Party

Anonymous said...

BSP - Basically Stupid People, Bad and sick politics,

intrigue said...

Here's onr fot BSP -Behenji Swayamseva Party

SRK said...

DMK: Devotees of M. Karunanidhi
AIADMK: Amma Is Avatar (of) Devi Maa Kali
NCP: Next Comes Pawar
RJD: Rabri Jaayegi Delhi

Guruprasad said...

BSP - Behenji's Sexier (than) Paswan

Shiv Sena - Sher hai is vatan-ke, Shahenshai ekbar nai aazmayenge

RPI - rowdy people of india;

donthecat said...

How about just another Bull Shit Party ?

Anonymous said...

CPI -- Criminals Party of India
CPM -- Crime Party of Murderers

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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