Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Business Today wakes up

and makes its online presence, free (via here with a good analysis of the site itself). Till now, you had to go through a subscription wall to get through - so you know how many of them did. Theres a good set of materials available on India thanks to the financial newspapers (ET, FE, BS, Mint) apart from blogs and magazine sites. So, if you chose to wall yourself in, do you lose or gain?

The papers were always free but the first (and only?) mag to do it in India was Business world and of course, globally the trend has been to "go free". NYT did it recently, as did the Economist. WSJ is looking at this trend very closely.

Heres how I think the business mags in India stack up on their online strategies, from an earlier post. (An update is due on this post...)