Monday, November 12, 2007

Cellphone companies

are very smart. They know how to milk the customer. But there are, surely, a few things they could do very well which they dont.

For example. You have a customer who is roaming. They send this stupid, inane welcome message - Welcome to Andhra Pradesh for example. I very well know I am in Andhra Pradesh. Can they not send me some information I can use (and make money too) ? For example, in a highway in TN, I saw a couple of emergency numbers listed. Can that not be a part of a 'Welcome' message? Or, if you are travelling along an NH, I would find it far useful to get a listing of eating joints or petrol pumps on the way.

For example, if I enter TN via NH 7 (Hosur road), they can easily send a message telling me a few important things - like an emergency number, a hospital number and some such, instead of sending me a meaningless welcome message each day...


Arjun Narayan said...

Very Valid Point. Recently, I was in Thailand and when I switched on the mobile after getting there, the first message by the local service provider was the usual "Welcome to Bangkok" followed by important numbers like tourist police, cab bookings etc.

Nikhil Narayanan said...

I have got an ad for hotels in Kannur message from Airtel when I was on roaming and was in Kerala.
That made sense. Havent got similar messages after that.

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