Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coffee thoughts

At one point, I thought that filter coffee is unbeatable and I still think when it comes to Indian coffee tastes, the filter coffee is perhaps the best. (Tip: Especially at South Indian weddings or at local Bangalore restaurants)

Instant coffee, well, I dont even count it as coffee (falls in the same category as powdered milk).

But the new coffee vending (no, not those horrendous powder water mixing contraptions) machines - the kind used by Barista, CCD and certain office pantries - can give filter coffee a run for its money. (The machine is, of course, a coffee filter with a lot of thingamajigs)

Previous thoughts on coffee, here.


ggop said...

Does filter coffee still have chicory? A friend associates chicory with war rations and therefore prefers espresso in places like CCD and Barista.

Neelakantan said...

well, you get all versions in the market -with or without chicory...