Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Karnataka and Bihar

John Elliott ( blog now here) sums up last weeks coalition drama thus on his blog, emphasis mine

Meanwhile in Karnataka, a BJP-led state government that took power just a week ago was brought down yesterday by its coalition partners because of a disagreement over allocation of ministerial portfolios. “Fight over rich ministries fells Karnataka Government” said a neat Hindustan Times headline this morning (Nov 20). The Janata Dal (S) party, led by former prime minister Deve Gowda, pulled out of the coalition because the BJP would not agree to let it have lucrative ministerial posts covering housing and development, and mining – posts that are always coveted in governments across India because of the largesse they bring from would-be licensees and contractors.

Karnataka has now had three governments in as many years and is sinking rapidly into the sort of administrative torpor more usual in the blighted northern state of Bihar. That is bad news for a state which has as its capital the showcase city of Bangalore, where big IT names such as Infosys and Wipro are located. No wonder IT companies are expanding elsewhere.

That the JD(S) is all about real estate is something that is an open secret in Karnataka. Truly a son of the soil party, their focus has been land or the oil extracted from it. No wonder they wanted these lucrative ministries to milk them for all it is worth. They have nearly torpedoed the BMIC project and tried to best to deprive IT of land. I hope the voters give it back to them.

For the citizen on the ground it is a nightmare scenario each day. Traffic snarls in every conceivable direction, bad roads (some improvement noticed recently), corruption in all possible places, Bangalores huge water problem, electricity worse than rural areas. The only hope is that elections bring good governance to Karnataka which has been conspicuous by its absence over the past few years.

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Spiff said...

For all practical purposes, you or John Edwards may be experts on Bihar...but i have seen too many people denigrating Bihar....Please act like educated people and not some know it all news anchor

Anonymous said...

Well, Bihar, euphemistically stands for the worst in India. That may or may not be true, but perception that is true. Karnataka may be worse off for all you can imagine, especially minus Bangalore and comparing K'taka with Bihar in no way denigrates Bihar...

john said...

Just seen this - more than ten months late! Good of you to have picked up my post but I'm John Elliott, not Edwards, and the blog - Riding the Elephant - has now moved its abode to Do visit!

Neelakantan said...

Updated :)