Friday, November 02, 2007

Landmark of a quiz

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the Landmark quiz. It is quite a draw in Chennai, I have heard and I finally was able to attend the one in Bangalore yesterday.

The teams were a motley crowd to say the least. There were the usual suspects - the regular quizzers - and they are of course, really good. But more than them, were the school kids who turned up in uniform hoping to be a David to trounce the abovementioned Goliaths. Also, there were all women teams, there were inter-generational (father kids, mother kids) team (imagine a team with 50 odd years of collective knowledge) teams and family teams and college teams and what not. All of them, there, because they love quizzing.

Why is this a big deal? Today, quizzing is a big business. The only place where you can have a free quiz is in college - and then you cannot enter into it once you are out of college. Or you have the corporate quizzes which either have an entry fee or for which you need to be a corporate. None of these are bad for quizzing nor bad from the perspective of the spirit of the event.

But there are no quizzes like the Landmark one. You form a team of three, register and turn up and no entry fee barrier. So, you wanna partner your dad or uncle, great do it. Amazingly, there was a team of three teachers, all women, who made it to the finals yesterday and one "family" team and it was very very refreshing to see, as Derek O'Brien put it, "people who dont all look like each other."

More power to events like these...

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