Monday, November 05, 2007

Let him be the first to cast a stone

who has not sinned, when it comes to becoming a newfound critic of globalization. There are far too many people, who basically subscribe to a left winged point of view (not left brained view - the two have no similarity whatsoever) and use it as a basis to criticize globalization.

The voices against globalization are the shrillest from the uber citizens. The page 3 chatterati, the so called sane voices and intelligentsia who voice their opinion while sipping on Aquafina or wearing Crocs (Nikes is infra dig). Those, who claim, occasionally (meaning, at every occasion that presents), via their blog or magazine column written for a foreign newspaper that globalization is bad for India. Refer Anti globalization aunties.

Heres who should be ruled out. If you drive, you are out. Why? Well, there is no car, that is completely indigenous. Why, even the Scorpio and Indica had technical/design collaborations. Indeed the IC engine was invented by a foreigner. Oh, before I forget, much of the petrol also comes from abroad, Reliance notwithstanding.

Almost nearly, if you eat any thing fried in Palmolein, you are out. Why? Because most of the palmolein comes from Malaysia. Oh, btw, we have also imported wheat recently. Maggi noodles? Nestle is based out of Switzerland. Never mind those Washington apples or Kiwi apples. Italian olive oil for your skin? Stick to coconut oil.

And if you use anything than Kolhapuri chappals, you are out. India has never designed anything other than mojris. Sneakers were not invented in India, as was mineral water. Aquafina is a Pepsico brand. Bata is a Czech brand.

Btw, isnt what you are wearing, slightly "non-Indian"? Shirts and trousers were never invented in India - they are, well, foreign. (You can explore other garments and you will find a simple answer, NIH - not invented here).

Now, of course, I know what you mean. You mean selective globalization is allowed, right? Aha, but there aint nothing selective about this whole deal. You either live in your cave or come right out. And then again, you perhaps mean inclusive growth, the latest mantra? Check out this lecture and this. Are you an NGO that wants foreign funds for globalizing? Well, the dollar is a foreign currency again.

And sorry again, for if you are reading this - this is globalization personified. A blog hosted by Google (American, shriek) on a network managed by IBM (Big blue for gods sake) written over a Chinese computer, seen via a Korean monitor via an Indian service provider.
And no, leave the phone where it is. Indias largest phone brand sold is Finnish...

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Anonymous said...

What I find is strange among this idiots is what will they do after say (very improbably) their wishes to stopping globalization stops? Then what, lets not have freedom in inter-state dealings? Followed by no more inter-city dealings.

Every village is self-sufficient. Hallelujah! we have achieved the Gandhinian dream of villages.