Monday, November 12, 2007

Maybe the railways

saved 20,000 crore rupees (give or take a few zeroes), but can they not install dust bins on trains? Or are windows meant for throwing out stuff - since only the air conditioned bogies typically have dustbins?

The upper berth on three tier bogies is so cramped, you have to land into it on a horizontal position and slither into it. Anything more and you will be seeing out of the roof.

Is it so difficult to maintain a consistent order for bogies for all trains and publish it on the web, so people are spared the ordeal of a train coming in reverse? A train I saw came into the platform with the engine in front (thank god), luggage, unreserved coaches and then S12 appeared instead of S1 and then you had the familiar sight of passengers running helter-skelter searching for their bogies. Thankfully this train had vestibules, so many people just go in and dragged their luggage until they reached their place.

Can you get the trains to run faster please? Now, trains run on time because of buffer. Read the time table carefully; for every train, you will find a short distance run of a few kilometers being given an outrageous running time. So, if your train, god forbid, arrives early, then, it is punished by getting to wait at a siding in no mans land.

And then some, all in the course of an overnight train journey...

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