Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sakrama scheme

The Sakrama scheme, recently started by the BBMP is a neat way to allow people to get away with land grab. It allows one to regularize all violations. Violations like building without a sanctioned plan or building with deviations from the sanctioned plan (you get a plan sanctioned for 2 storeys and you build 11 or 15) .

Obviously many are happy. Imagine having to pay a fraction of the market value and getting land grab regularized? Some are not, but their voices are drowned.

These are the exact kind of violations that have made Bangalore the urban nightmare it is today. The land mafia, including politicians and their sons and families have latched onto the soil in a big way. Lake beds are being encroached upon, lakes are being filled, government land is being usurped and all norms are thrown to the wind. Of course they say that this is a one time thing, but like the VDIS, there will always a second coming, either now or 10 years later.

In any case, as we have seen in Delhi, politicians will never move against violators since they themselves are a part of this whole scam and so it will continue.

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Dev said...

This sakrama policy is really bullish. Then anybody will build anywhere and pay some amount in order to get it legalized. This will help people to acquire more properties illegally. First of all, Government should punish the officials like DC, Tahshildar etc who sanctioned the layout plans without examining it. They should be made to pay a huge sum. This will bring some sense of responsibility in them. Secondly Govt should demolish illegal buildings. This will educate people and force them not to do the mistake once again. However second step should be taken with care verifying whether it was due to people problem or official problems.