Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You know the market has gone bonkers when

the product is sold for not the product but for what is offered free beside it.

What am I talking about? Washing machines? No. DVD players? No.
I am talking about apartments.

Over the last few months there have been a flurry of advertisements in the papers, media about Orange properties. It first came out with a scheme of a free car (SX4 - no less) for all apartment owners. If that took your breath away, they came with an Audi A4 for villa buyers. Then it came up with the idea of quarter kilo gold for every 2bhk booked and a half kilo gold for every 3bhk booked. Obviously, there are riders and whatnot around this and going by ads released, they are surely getting eyeballs, talked about and even selling a few thousand square feet in the bargain.

There have always been similar schemes in the past. Quite a few builders have offered items ranging from cutlery sets to modular kitchens. The simple question I have is, there is very clearly no such thing as a free lunch and everything is paid for by the customer only? Yet, why the freebies?


viplav said...

and there is another add i have seen

only 20 mins from colaba and price of vasai
in extremely small font it is written that it will be only after nava sheva sea link that this will happen, and sea link is still miles away

Anonymous said...

Mens that the market is overheated. Look out for bursting bubbles...

Forum Bond said...

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