Thursday, December 27, 2007

Branded Toothpaste

How to inflate the value of toothpaste? Just "brand" it,with what are, really, copyrighted images. (Of course, theres a lot more to it). But this is a case study in itself.

You have the choice, to buy toothpaste at about 3 times of the cost if it comes in a simple tube without these images...

After all, its your choice...on how you want to make your kids brush their teeth.

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Baiju Elikkattoor said...

The best tooth-cleaner is 'Umikkari' (charred husk of paddy mix with crushed pepper), which had been protecting teeth of generations in Kerala; not Colgate, Closeup, etc. etc. Now we are so advanced that even thinking of simple Umikkari is shameful. In a consumeristic society, one gets only what he/she does not at all require and gets befooled by parasitical big brands!