Friday, December 21, 2007

Lunch from 2-3

I walk into an opticians at 1.45 pm. "I need an eye test done"

"Its lunch hour sir, for the optometrist from 2 to 3"
"But it is just 1.45"
"If you wait till 3, we can get it done"

And they had no Plan B. When you are building a brand on a high street, you need to be prepared to expect a customer at any time or close your shop with a board saying, its lunch time.

Reminded of my last visit to a sarkari bank...


Jam said...

He he he,

You obviously haven't had to deal with snooty HR Types, who pretty much have the same excuse on their lips.

We have lunch between 2-3 PM, so please come at 3.15 PM when the lunch has finally begun to digest within our stomachs.


venkatramanan said...


Have been following your blog for quite some time. Thoughtful posts. Keep it up.

I suggest you the following to make it more effective.
Tweak the RSS feeds to have the comments inline, You can refer the RSS feed of the following (both are Tamil ones. Hope you have got Unicode in your machine) feeds.

Also have the comment box in the same page as that of the post as suggested at

Neelakantan said...

Jam, well, many others too have the sarkari mindset. Finance also comes to my mind.

Thanks Venkat. I have managed to change the comment thing atleast...