Thursday, December 27, 2007

Raman on Modi

If you have been following the papers, this story is now old hat. A man, who, atleast going by what I read in print had done nothing right. There, were, of course, rights and wrongs, but going by what was written and broadcasted, in reams, he had done mostly wrongs, but the hustings proved that he had done, mostly right. The papers chose to ignore, or to not highlight the mans incorruptibility, ability to drive development, stop power theft (how important is that) and provide a strong administration and a secure environment and instead focus on a very small aspect of his tenure, that too, partially. (Thanks Churumuri, for all the links)

Now the question is what can this man become? Theres been denial, sour grapes and quite a few other emotions.

And heres B Ramans take on it. A very interesting analysis, because quite a few people I spoke to, agree with this, perhaps not very tacitly, but they do. And that could make for a very interesting future in Indian politics...

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Anonymous said...

it's a bit of a problem for the reader when you put so many links in the same post! especially when you're not sure what each link is

you don't want to read so many things; you don't know what to read and what to leave. and end up not reading the good ones also - due to sheer lack of enthu!