Thursday, December 06, 2007

Retail and a suburb

To see the retail revolution in action, one of the places that you might want to visit is a suburb of Bangalore known as Marathahalli. Many years back, for some reason, companies opened discount stores there - it was not an easy place to reach - atleast in comparison to the city. So, you had Megamart, a Titan seconds showroom (it had a name - no longer operative) and quite a few others. The idea was that companies sold stuff at a discount on the outskirts of the city and M'halli was a popular shopping haunt. Over time, the city has grown enough for M'halli to stand up and be counted as a suburb of Bangalore - indeed Bangalore has grown much beyond.

But this place is now a hub of retail. Where there was a Megamart, now there are two. Futures group picked it up as a place to have not one, not two, but three of its stores there. Brand Factory, Hometown and now Staples Future office. I did not realize that Staples Future office was a Futures group venture. The area is now in its ascendancy into the retail mindspace - and there is a lot of space out there. There are more stores opening in that area - it can well be a retail laboratory where shops of all types co-exist, atleast for now. Of course, traffic is a nightmare, there isn't enough parking space. Bus services are quite frequent since it falls enroute to a work destination - ITPL. But watch out for Maratahalli, it could well trounce the city in terms of footfalls.

On that note, I am off on a break (I already am on a blogging break). I will be back...