Friday, December 21, 2007

Subhiksha sells mobiles

And they have a TV spot for it too. I wonder why and what is the whole idea of selling mobiles.

From what I have seen of their store near where I live, I would feel confident of their ability to sell mobiles if they sold what they started off with well - grocery, pharma and vegetables. The whole ambience of their store is wrong - it is almost as if you are selling mobiles alongwith grocery - so what if they are (nearly) commodities?


D'zineShop said...

The service which is offered in the showroom is so bad that I dont even want to go next time or refer anyone for that matter.

Personal Experience : I have found a phone in one of the showroom and on my way to buy the phone saw a subhiksha showroom thought of checking the price, Price seem to be low around Rs. 50 - Rs. 100. Ofcourse the sales man did say me that they dont have stock for the model i asked and will arrange in one hour time.

When i called him after some 2 hours he was repeatedly cutting my calls and I also visited the showroom after this incident. He was set himself free and given his cellphone to some one in the showroom to play games in his phone ( His Reply ).

Later he promised me that day saying he will surely do home delivery first in the morning, I again went to the showroom to ask about the phone, He said he will deliver that to me around 12:00 PM and I said ok. As he has not given any interest in this stuff, I called him after 12:00 PM as i had important work to go out. He replied saying my boss is not responding for the mobile requirement.

When a sales man can be so lethargic how can one business take off ? Subhiksha has to be very serious to be in the strict competition

Neelakantan said...